Friday, March 5, 2010

Walgreens fresh food choice via Duane Reade is perfect!

Retail foodservice will most likely never be the same. Recently Walgreens announced that they were going to acquire New York's largest drug store chain, Duane Reade. During the announcement a focus was placed on the fresh food program of Duane Reade. With the opening of the new Chelsea store, Duane Reade entered the fast pace evolving world of the grocerant niche.

The picture’s above are of first the new Duane Reade in Chelsea and second a current kiosk food offering inside Walgreens. The graphics are much better at Walgreens, while the food offering a game changer at Duane Reade. This is beginning to look like a marriage made in grocerant heaven!

The Chelsea unit featured “a greatly expanded fresh food and grocery offering that includes fresh sandwiches, single-serve entrees, baked goods and freshly packed salads and vegetables” If you can Harkin back to the days of the corner store, because this takes you there albeit in a contemporize format.

“The expanded food section comprises approximately 40% of the 15,000 square foot two-level store and includes delicious soups and easy meal items, such as freshly made and easily microwavable single-serve entrees that customers can take home for a quick and satisfying meal. To complement the entrees, Duane Reade is offering fresh produce for the first time, including bagged salad and packaged celery and carrots, along with freshly packed deli meats. Breakfast items will include fresh-cut fruit, baked goods, as well as self-serve Starbucks coffee.

Food retailers from 7 Eleven, Burger King, Denny’s, McDonalds, Quick Chek, Sheetz, Kroger, Starbucks and Safeway will have to begin to review food offerings. Ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat food is coming too your neighborhood are you ready for a food fight?

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