Monday, March 15, 2010

Food / Restaurant Brand Marketing success leaders generally are experienced in CPG.

Building top line sale and bottom line profits is a common goal within the Restaurant industry. Understanding how to build a brand while cultivating consumer is an art reserved for but a few. Recently we have been witness to COPT-CAT marketing within the restaurant industry. Which in turn leads to price wars and location battles, not brand building.

CPG marketers focus on the human interaction with the product and the brand. With the focus on the consumers CPG marketers allow brands to evolve and grow. This creates a bond with consumers ala “co-creating” consumer relevance. That’s where the long term value of the brand begins to grow.

One of the very best in the industry with the skill-set to leverage that knowledge is Broad Street Licensing Group. With A-list client’s, Broad Street Licensing Group is a testament to understanding of the consumer, the marketplace, and value of a restaurant brand. They understand the value of the grocerant niche and it’s roll in the ongoing development of consumer relevant foodservice.

There is no doubt in my mind that one of these days, some smart Private Equity guy is going to make Bill Cross of Broad Street Licensing Group Chief Marketing Officer of his restaurant chain, then watch out! Success does leave clues and Bill Cross and Broad Street Licensing Group are two great clues to success!

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