Thursday, March 18, 2010

Brazil’s breakout economy may help Burger King breakout and move up in consumers minds.

Burger King Brazil introduced an integrated marketing campaign that is surprising customers by putting their faces on Whopper packaging! Proactive, interactive and consumer participatory this campaign is delighting consumer! Nicknamed WhopperFace the proactive brand validation of this campaign makes ready-to-eat prepared fresh food personalized, like no other! That’s brand buy in! The youtube link is provided.

Here’s how it works “Burger King uses a hidden camera to snap customers' photos and then prints them on their Whopper wrapper. Customers react with a variety of surprise, delight and even dismay. According to Ads of the World, the campaign was created by Ogilvy of Brazil.” The

Authentic original and in keeping with the brand’s mainstay motto “Have it your way” WhopperFace is sure to draw attention to Burger King. I asked industry veterans here in the US what they thing the following is a smattering of there answers.

1. Giles: “Personally I think it is brilliant! Even if you had a bad day and your picture looked horrible, it is the message that it sends that the food is made to order for you. I would just "throw the wrapper out" if I had a bad hair day. :)

2. I don't eat fast food, but I would certainly visit BK if they did this, just for the experience. Guess I could order a salad. Think of the PR and the new customer visits they would experience. Great way to get the word out on UTube, this is great marketing using the social network to spread the word

3. I think it’s great! How long until a US Franchisee brings it here? Not long I bet!

4. 1st mover can move from country to country, but the electronic age has neutralized the advantage. When hit the US? as soon as an operator decides to invest in camera and printer, assuming BK Corp can't nix it in the details. More interesting, will BK do anything if another operator rolls out first? Even more interesting - a novelty promo, so does the ROI pay? My guess is yes. There are many spinoffs here.

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