Thursday, March 25, 2010

Better for you food, is better for the entire retail food industry!

It’s time for convenience stores to follow the grocery store lead into fresh prepared food! Yes, roll, roll, roll away roller grill! There are obvious success trends in the grocery channel that provide clues and opportunity for the convenience stores. With the success Whole Foods is finding with its fresh prepared food stations one need not look any further. However Central Market, Metropolitan Market, Harris Tetter and Safeway all are increasing customer frequency with fresh prepared food.

Recent research revealed “Deli-prepared foods represent roughly 60 percent of deli sales in the traditional grocery channel and continue to grow year over year. During the last 52 weeks, growth has concentrated on deli-prepared chicken (mostly driven by rotisserie chicken growth); deli sandwiches; deli dips, spreads and toppings (driven by hummus sales growth); sushi; and pizza (both pizza slice sales growth, as well as whole pizzas as part of a take-and-bake program).”

Convenience store operators can capitalize on the fact that consumers are looking for both individual and family meal options. They're interested in unique foods, often regional ethnic, and they want to purchase meal components a Mix & Match combo easily create a unique meal for the family at home.

Sheetz, Quick Chek and soon 7 Eleven will all provide the fresh ready-to-eat and or ready-to-heat meal component options. Including snacks like “Crunch Pak, a Washington state supplier of fresh sliced apples, created packaging specifically targeted to in-the-car snacking. Its mini bags of sliced apples and "Grab 'n Go" fruit cups are designed to fit into car cup holders and be eaten without a spoon, providing healthy snacking options for kids and parents alike.” Better for you is better for all.

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