Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Private Label food products must provide FREE samples to maintain or grow market share.

Supermarkets, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores all know that sampling food products sparks sales. What we are beginning to see is private label pick up steam in the Grocerant sector. Many companies are now utilizing the use of samples on private label food products to build sales while national brands pick up advertising.

We all know the Whole Foods has had ready-to-eat food stations scattered about their stores and for quite some time. They have utilized sampling as a way to build customer product trial and loyalty. What is now interesting is watching Safeway’s lifestyle stores increase sampling and companies like COSTCO sampling their own private label ready to heat products in the store.

This is great, it has been proven time and after time that sampling food works. In a recent study published in Progressive Grocer on established brands sampling, “the sales lift the day of the event was 177 percent greater than the control group, which received no samples. It remained up 57% after the 20-week period.”

Restaurants and C-stores new or established brands, there is one thing you must continue to do is sample food products within your 4 walls. Research on restaurants show’s 33% of customers that arrive at your restaurant every day have never eaten in your unit. If you’re a national brand that does not mean they have not been exposed to the brand, but your unit is new too them. Capture that experience in a positive way! Sample, Sample, Sample, independents and regional players the opportunity is even greater!

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  1. I agree. I think if customers sampled fine Via Roma take n bake pizzas, so many would fly out of the case, you'd think the Martians had landed.
    Offering free samples of great private label food products will indeed create sales, and in the long run, customer loyalty.