Saturday, March 20, 2010

Foodservice Solutions finds, American food is no longer just about the Hamburger it is a Melting pot of flavors and fun!

Contrary to popular belief and the rapid rate of new development within the hamburger niche American food is about more than a burger. The United States is evolving in a foodie’s wonderland consisting of a cornucopia of flavors textures and food delivery systems. We are entering an exciting time where flavor profiles from around the world have entered our foodservice marketplace and blended with traditional American fare to become even more reflective of a contemporize American society. The United States is truly a melting pot of flavors.

A Mintel study found “Mexican food has become so mainstream; it is hardly considered ethnic anymore. Nearly six in 10 respondents say they have cooked Mexican food in the past month. However, it's the Asian and Indian food segments that are driving the market's growth, with 11% and 35% growth, respectively, from 2006-08.

Chain Restaurants golden era’s roots can be traced to the US and yes in large part to the success of the Golden Arches. For the past 30+ years the US has been exporting restaurant concepts around the world. The era of the dramatic growth of the burger niche is about to cool. No need to worry, McDonalds and other will continue to thrive but the several competitors may need repositioning.

Recently we have witnessed a rise in the number of Global Restaurant chains exporting to there concept to the US. This trend will continue as the US dollar declines in value. The opportunity to success here is unlimited, the operation metrics unmatched and the consumers willingness to embrace different flavors, styles of food and differing modes of food delivery will propel this trend for many years to come.

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