Thursday, March 4, 2010

Will foodservice consumer’s roll, roll, roll into new Northeast 7 Elevens? reports that “7-Eleven Inc. plans to open 200 stores in New Jersey, this year and next year,” That is the good news for retail consumers. However, just how good is it going to be 7 Eleven? They will now enter one of the strongest retail foodservice markets in the country and compete with the best; both Wawa and Sheetz. This is one area of the country that the roller grill will have to roll away!

Retail foodservice consumers in the Northeast are a custom too high quality fresh prepared food that is portable and consumer participatory. 7 Eleven is testing fresh egg and pancakes for breakfast, fresh prepared sandwiches’ and a new up tempo coffee options at various locations around the globe. If they don’t open with a strong hand in food, they will be relegated an also ran by the consumer for years to come.

Retail consultant and managing director of Strategic Resources, Burt Flickinger recently stated “consumers between the ages of 14 and 35 will go to convenience stores three or more times a week as compared with a weekly supermarket trip.” Which is one reason that Wawa and Sheetz continue to do well in foodservice compared to many northeast regional grocery store operators.

Interestingly 7 Eleven is much better suited to open additional stores in the South and Southeast were going head on with Racetrac and Quick Trip would seem more logical. Given that both of those chains have notably much weaker foodservice offerings. Either 7 Eleven has a very good realtor in the northeast or they are ready to roll out their new foodservice program soon. Which do you think it is?, Roll, Roll, Away Roller Grill!

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