Sunday, May 16, 2010

Food points of distribution are growing in numbers and quality creating a new paradigm for all food retailers.

Walgreens is adding fresh prepared food in more and more stores. CVS retail locations are getting a revamp of their grocery departments, adding fresh salads and sandwiches to their limited offerings. Grocery stores are becoming a “frozen food court” for restaurant chains, just walk the isle and look..

Innovation for all may be coming from food carts and trucks which are growing in numbers around the country. Some industry leaders like Dan Kim are now franchising food trucks.

Sweetgreen, a frozen yogurt truck in Washington, D.C.: oatmeal with red and white quinoa with brûléed brown sugar. Toppings: cinnamon-baked apples, scone crumbles

Los Angeles’s, LA Mill: creamy, cinnamon-spiced polenta with cajeta, candied pecans and whipped cream

Bloop food cart in Portland, Oregon: oats with almond milk, agave nectar and pie spices; oats with peanut butter, banana and almonds

Hotels like the Grand Hyatt in New York City recently opened a specialty food shop selling fresh pastries, salads and hot meals to go. Is your business model dynamic or static?

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