Saturday, May 22, 2010

How America Eats: Hand Held Foods for immediate / ease of consumption.

Versatile, convenient, made to order, sandwiches, burgers and wraps encapsulate fresh, personalization, and portability. That by the way just happens to be the heart and sole of the grocerant niche; personalization, portability and portion size.

Recently Bonnie Riggs, of market research company, The NPD Group recently stated: "Sandwiches, burgers and wraps was the most resilient food category in this economic downturn… The reason is it's one of the few categories that has mass appeal. Sandwiches, burgers and wraps are accessible, customizable, affordable, portable, and can be dressed up gourmet-style or dressed down."

Both quick service and full service restaurants experienced growth in this category all the while the overall restaurant industry traffic experienced consecutive quarterly declines. Safeway’s Lifestyle stores and Kroger have joined in the fresh “sandwich” game and are seeing solid results.

Convenience stores fresh prepared grocerant food leaders Wawa and Sheetz have for years exploited this area to build top line revenue and grow bottom line profits. Now they are adding the Mix & Match combo options and building customers frequency and loyalty.

This is a lesson learned we are now seeing at Morton’s, The Capital Grill and Flemming’s all have added convenient hand held food options within their four walls. This is just part of the grocerant niche, but an important part for more visit this blog or contact us for a grocerant niche assessment.

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