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10 Reasons Why Wawa is Awesome: Residents of Philadelphia and Beyond Speak Up

Prepared food garners favor from consumers.  Both national and regional retail food chians a learn from telling a story!  Wawa has and that story become's dynamic in the hands of your conusmer.  That's good! Today I want to post an article by Tara Clapper written n June 24, 2010 in Community, Food, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Food.  It show cases how a regional company can build a brand while creating a base of loyal customers that will tout your brand for you!

Wawa with gas station; Horsham, PA. Photo: Dough4872, Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain Image.


A long time ago at a computer two states away, I remember locating an online phenomenon. As soon as forums and communities began cropping up online (long before Facebook came to be), Wawa fans grouped together and expressed their love and adoration for what they feel is the world’s best convenience store, founded in the Philadelphia area. Every time I see Wawa mentioned online, I see multiple comments about the awesomeness of the store, so they’re obviously either providing great customer service or hiring secret ninja monkeys to spread propaganda.*

Although Wawas are chain stores, local residents seem to like them. They don’t have the same stigma as Wal-Marts or Burger Kings. Some Wawas accomplish this by adapting store features to better match or serve the town—take the Wildwood, NJ Wawa, for example—it’s outfitted in a retro design to match the shore town’s aesthetic.

I asked my Wawa-fan friends to list their reasons for loving Wawa convenience stores. Those suggested by friends list the friend’s name.

Wawa stimulates the economy and gives back to local communities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia and Maryland. According to the Wawa site, Wawa employs about 16,000 people.

BEST COFFEE (hands down) that is more reasonably priced than some of its, shall we say “frou frou,” competitors. –Kristin L.

[They offer] stuffed pretzels in so many flavors. –Michael W.

One of the original Wawa founders carries the name Dick Wood. For real.

Wawa keeps me supplied with delicious snacks and the best coffee anywhere. AND it’s not 5$/cup! –Rebecca Z.

Wawa is the healthier alternative during those dire late-night munchie attacks! – Kristin L.

Wawa is awesome because they sell really great made-to-order food and have such a bigger selection than our alternative here in the South—Sheetz. –Michelle M.

They really see the value of hiring individuals with disabilities and actively recruit such folks. –Robb S.-W.

Wawa stores, particularly newer ones, have really nice layouts. They have wide aisles, and you don’t get the typical let’s-cram-as-much-crap-as-we-can-in-as-little-space-as-possible convenience store ambiance. And their hoagies are tasty. –Kierstyn Z.

The new chocolate banana smoothies are addictive and fantastic—everyone should give up on ice cream and just consume these.

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