Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Convenience stores learned menu bundling from Quick Serve Restaurants.

Grocerant prepared ready-2-eat and heat-N-eat food is booming in the Northeast United States within the convenience store sector. According to Convenience Store news;” Rutter's Farm Stores recently expanded its fresh-food menu to include turkey wings and sliders, which are available in all 36 of its stores that offer touchscreen ordering. The wings, which are $1.39 each and can be ordered one, two or three at a time, comprise 2.25 ounces of meat that is marinated and then fried. They can be ordered with original, buffalo or spicy seasoning, according to the convenience chain.”

What I like is the fact that Rutter’s utilizes restaurant industry bundling options for items; “ new sliders offer a hamburger or fried chicken patty served on a fresh-baked roll. Yellow American cheese, pickle and onion can be added at no additional cost. Sliders can be ordered in quantities of one ($1.29); three ($3.39); six ($5.94); or 12 ($9.96) at a time.

QuickChek, Wawa, Sheetz and Rutter’s all have a strong fresh fast quality food program. Products that are priced with many would say is at a competitive advantage or many Quick Serve Restaurants. Recently we discussed all of the new product in test at 7 Eleven. This sector in currying favor with consumer and retailers are responding.

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