Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MoGro is mobile Ready-2-Eat or Heat-N-Eat produce on the Go.

Rick Schniders a past president of Sysco understand food retailing. He understand delivery systems and the trucking business. It’s obvious while at Sysco he witnessed the growth in better for you food sales and the growth of the grocerant niche.

Rick has now developed MoGro a mobile grocery company that sell a “sells a variety of frozen, refrigerated and fresh produce twice a week to the Santo Domingo Pueblo community in New Mexico. In addition to groceries, there are also nutrition workshops and a monthly fitness class.”

Retail foodservice has become about more than just a meal. MoGro is a great example of educating while elevating a company, it products and the community about the benefits of good food, and food that is good for you.

Without doubt retail food service is undergoing a vast transformation. MoGro is another example of a mobile retail food company that are sprouting up across the country. Urban agriculture brings better for you food into under served communities. MoGro is help lead the way.

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