Monday, May 16, 2011

KFC swings back into the Grocerant niche, just where they belong.

Harking back to the days KFC was called Kentucky Fried Chicken. When KFC was garnering new customer daily with Take-Out buckets of Ready-2-Eat chicken. The world fell in love with a time saving alternative to cooking. Could that have been the beginning of the rise of the Grocerant niche?

NRN reports that “KFC took marketing to new heights this week when the Colonel himself (a stunt double, of course) rappelled 38 stories to deliver lunch to a group of window washers working nearly 40 stories up at Chicago’s River Bend building.

The stunt was a promotion to launch the chain’s new $5 Everyday Meals, which offer combinations of chicken, sides, biscuits, and a drink for $5. Wanting to make an impact with the new deal, KFC asked consumers via social media channels which “out-of the-bucket” occupations were most in need of an extreme hand delivered meal. In the end, skyscraper window washers was the leading response”

It’s great to see that KFC is getting back to its roots utilizing Foodservice Solutions® 5 P’s of food marketing: Product, Packaging, Placement, Portability and Price. In our ever evolving foodservice world, the 5 P’s of food marketing are becoming even more important. Welcome back KFC! It looks to us at Foodservice Solutions® your refocusing on the grocerant niche and the customer.

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