Monday, January 23, 2012

Swiss Farms Drive-Thru convenience.

Swiss Farms success is built on picking up all the right clues.  Then they take those clues and make good use of them.  Swiss Farms shelves are filled with over 700 items most frequently purchased from a grocery store in the quick check-out lane.  With an eye on the time starved consumer and supermarket pricing bundled with drive-thru convenience Swiss Farms is growing new corporate and franchise units while building a loyal customer following in three states. 

Swiss Farms is not simply another convenience store or Quick Service Restaurant it is not quite a grocerant but from a consumer perspective much better than a grocery store.  Food first that is ready when you are Swiss Farms is in a unique competitive position.  Place your order and set a time, then simply drive thru and pick up your order under a covered roof no rain, wind or snow.

Understanding the attributes of consumer relevance then incorporating those attributes into a retail model is exactly how since 1968 Swiss Farms has grown it customer loyalty.  When you combine drive-thru convenience with time starved consumers you end up with a win win.   When you’re ready-2-eat without doubt think about Swiss Farms, don’t wait, don’t walk in the rain, no need to get the kids out of the car. 

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