Monday, May 7, 2012

Domino’s continues getting better for the consumer this time Gluten Free.

Opening the world of Pizza to consumers with gluten allergies Domino’s continues getting better for the consumer.  Domino’s has tested a Gluten-free pizza crust in New Zealand and Australia since 2009 however the product was not fully gluten-free. With a newer product and taste and texture refined Domino’s is now rolling out its gluten-free pizza.

The pizza industry leadership has shifted many times over the past 30 years and without doubt Dominos is the clear leader once again.  When it comes to ready-2-eat pizza Domino’s remake of its original pizza products prove it could and would do what other within the industry would not dare.  If fact that move was industry leading for all sectors of the restaurant industry.

The Artesian pizza line has provided quality credibility with authenticity for the consumer.  With each new menu addition or menu make over Domino’s reinforced to the consumer that there are getting better and better for you (consumer).  Success leaves clues and Domino’s is leading with bold consumer focused products.  

Gluten free pizza is an example how Domino’s is focused on the customer, pushing the limits and the pizza sector to keep up.  Head held food for immediate consumption continues to drive top line sales in retail food service. Watch for shifting market share within the pizza sector this year.  Don’t be surprised it Domino’s garners larger piece of the pie.

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