Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ever Wonder why Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat Food is Driving Retail Sales Success?

Kraft Foods wondered as well.  In fact Kraft Foods new unit Kraft Fresh Take leveraged Kelton research to conduct a survey of 1,071 nationally representative Americans, ages 18 and older to find out.
Here is some of what they found: “Cooking up a Storm: More than four in five (82 percent) Americans are personally preparing meals at-home at least half of the time, if not always. And, of those at-home cooks, 83 percent are likely to get frustrated when cooking; most name time (51 percent) and cleanup (58 percent) as things they would find frustrating”…

“A Case of the Mondays: Almost two in five (39 percent) respondents say they most dread making meals at home on Monday and another 39 percent feel the same way about Friday…”
“Hometown Proud: Americans are loud and proud when associating food with their community – 63 percent of Midwesterners associate burgers with their region; 53 percent of Westerners feel this way about tacos; Southerners believe that seafood (36 percent) is their most representative local dish while Northeasterners identify pasta as their area's dish of choice (40 percent)”

Here is what we know when consumers say they cook at home; what they mean is they assemble a meal from meal components. Our research has proven that time after time. What is interesting about this survey is that the consumer gets frustrated having to clean up.  We have not pushed that info nor have we drilled down enough on it.  But we will in the future.  If success leaves clues I think we have another clue.
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