Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nestle and Gerber Target Kids Restaurant Food to Drive Sales.

Nestle and Gerber focus on kids to get mom’s to Spend More. Food Manufactures have for several been trying to migrate product offerings from legacy CPG products to one’s with more contemporized consumer relevance. To that end they have been focusing on the success of the ready-2-eat and heat-N-eat fresh prepared food found within the grocerant niche.

One of the hallmarks of success within the grocerant niche is mix and match meal components. Nestle vie Gerber Products launched  Gerber Graduates 2+ Kid Selects, a series of mix-and-match meal components for children ages 2 and up; food items include grilled chicken nuggets, brown rice with mixed vegetables, and sweet corn with red peppers.

Nestle know around the globe for creating food products that are better for you and Gerber know best for its ‘baby” food is now extending its’ brand from infants to the “Family Table”. Tagged  “Gerber® Graduates® 2+ Kid Selects™”.  These mix-and-match meal components offer toddlers 2 years and older a range of better for you “protein, vegetable and grain options made just for them. Gerber® Graduates® 2+ Kid Selects™ help children make nutritious choices and master self-feeding skills, including use of a fork and spoon.”

With families continued nesting and the growing HDTV Syndrome as documented by Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru, Steven Johnson here are this blog more than once.  Families are finding more and more reasons to stay home, yet they do not want to cook or have the skill set to do so. 
Nestle with its new grocerant line for Kids makes meal time a happy meal! 

The line also includes “Gerber® Graduates® 2+ Dippers, spoon-shaped biscuits made with six grams of whole grain per serving and a side of real fruit or fruit and yogurt dip. Gerber® Graduates® 2+ Dippers make learning to eat like a grown-up fun. They're easy to pick up and perfect for scooping and dipping. These items are Kid interactive and participatory again key to the on-going growth and success of the grocerant niche.

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