Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Subway, McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King in Price War with 7 Eleven.

With 14.4% growth in 2012, ever expanding fresh food offerings 7 Eleven has garnered market share from the QSR sector for several years.  In Q1, 2013, 7 Eleven will open its 50,000th location worldwide.  That is a huge competitor.  With an increased Television and Radio campaign 7 Eleven will be in the minds-eye of customers all around the world.

Subway is firing back this month under the tag-line “Six-Inch Selects” the Subway program will offer a rotation of sandwiches for the reduced price of $3.  Currently the promotion is schedule to run through June. Subway understands leveraging price. We all remember the wildly successful $ 5 Dollar Footlong promotion.  Well the price point has moved once again. The retail food price value equilibrium is experiencing continued discontinuity. 

Many in the QSR space have been following the success of 7 Eleven and retooled they value menus including Wendy’s recently revamped value menu which could be too little too late. Burger King has new “King Deals” in competitive markets. McDonalds had refocused marketing dollars on it “Dollar Menu” edifying consumers “better for you” price value relationship.

7 Eleven however is simply focused on selling more fresh food.  They are not afraid of any of the “big four” QSR branded restaurants. 7 Eleven’s new price point for breakfast is $2.00. Here is what they say ”Coffee goes with a lot of things, so for this combo, we're letting you call the shots. (Feel free to call yourself the Breakfast Combo King.) Buy a medium coffee and your choice of a sausage biscuit, two bananas or two glazed donuts for just $2.” Not only is 7 Eleven leveraging price they are empowering consumers choice edifying an interactive participatory relationship. That is smart and a success clue that will garner more share of stomach for 7 Eleven. If success leaves clues one of the clues is the consumer will pick the winner.

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