Saturday, September 20, 2014

Faster Than Fast Food

What is faster than fast food?  Airline food of course, should restaurants be worried?  Hard charging business travelers are accustom to full-flavored meals delivered to them while they work aboard a flight coming and going to and from sales call or clients offices.
There is one online German grocery store called is launching an Airline Meal Delivery service — called Air Food One— to deliver either a "classic" or "vegetarian" Airline prepared meals to your home once a week.
The grocery store is teaming up with LSG Sky Chefs, the food provider for Lufthansa airlines in Europe cater to many U.S. Airlines. They are not planning to sell the meals served in the back of the plane (steerage). They are focusing on first class meal service and business class meals.
Here is how it works; each week,” the delivered meal will match the business class menu currently available on planes. Meals are delivered on Wednesdays, and can be frozen until the want-to-be traveler is ready to throw them in the oven.” This option is consider it an alternative to restaurant takeout. This service is only available currently in Germany, but it won’t be long before hits the U.S.
LSG Sky Chefs is not stopping there with direct home meal delivery either.  They now provide a wide array of professional catering services to meet client’s increasingly diversified needs. “These range from the management consultancy of staff restaurants and clubs to providing tailor-made school meals on an individual basis; from organizing open-air parties to sumptuous VIP banquets.”
Sky Chefs is a traditional fresh food retailer commonly known as a B2B retailer. These progressive Non-traditional avenues of distribution open up the competitive landscape that is retail foodservice today. Do you know who your next competitor will be?

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