Friday, October 10, 2014

Convenience Stores Are Attracting both Men and Women

Today, men and women consumer are both budget-savvy, quality craving, time starved looking for something that is priced right and ‘better for you’.  Convenience stores with an expanding focus on fresh prepared food are garnering new customers. With a solid base of men hovering at 55% they are now reaching out to women more aggressively. 

The General Mills consumer insights team found that man and women desires and needs are very similar consumers when it comes to visiting C-store.  Here is some of what the General Mills team found:

1.       "Women have higher expectations when it comes to the store,"  "You might be asking yourself, 'If I go out of my way to appeal to women, am I going to tick off and alienate men?' The answer is no. They want the same things."
2.       Women are also very price-conscious shoppers: "Women care more about price because they are trained in good, budget-friendly grocery shopping," The report found “ Women are more apt to price compare, with three in 10 female customers saying that promotional offers and coupons are important to them.
3.       For women, the experience of convenience store shopping starts with a convenient location--almost 60% agree. Quick and easy parking and fast service are nearly matched by store cleanliness, from the aisles to the restrooms: "This is important because it impacts the impression of the food you're selling."
4.       Finally, freshness is fundamental. Six in 10 women say freshness is one of their top considerations, with many more agreeing there's work to be done in the convenience store channel. The report found there's a stereotype against the channel, and a considerable "headwind" to overcome. But the more stores can show that food is being made with care and real ingredients, the more women will begin to notice.
 Overall both men and women want:  Appetizing Treats, Better for You Food, Deals, Prices, Freshness.  Today the convenience stores sector is focused on Quality, Service, Food, and Speed.  If customer migration, top line sales and bottom line profits are a valued metric.  They I would say they are doing a very good job. Women make 53% of dinning occasions decisions, getting women to buy mix and match meal offerings at a C-store is a solid strategy.

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