Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Are Flytex Drones the Next Gen Restaurant Delivery Platform


Are you still looking for drivers to delivery your meals?  Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®, stated, “third party delivery companies can elevate you brand on the informational digital highway for much less than you can hire a driver. Drone delivery will be the next big thing in many suburbs, cities, and at malls.” 

Did you know that Flytex has been working with restaurants including It's Just Wings and El Pollo Loco and plans to keep expanding?  Do you have a problem getting drivers to deliver meals?

So, drone delivery company Flytrex has raised $40 million to help expand its service throughout the U.S. Restaurants including El Pollo Loco and Brinker International's virtual restaurant concept, It's Just Wings brand have been using autonomous Flytrex drones to deliver food in some locations. It also works with retailers including Walmart, and plans to use the funding to recruit more partners.

The Tel Aviv-based Flytrex began operating in North Carolina in September 2020 and now has three launch stations there. It has completed thousands of deliveries in the state, and its order volume has increased tenfold since February.

Flytrex was also operating in Southern California through a pilot with El Pollo Loco, dubbed Air Loco. Recently Flytrex said its drones can deliver food more efficiently than a person in a car. It's especially focused on suburbs, where traditional delivery is less efficient because of the longer distances.

CEO Yariv Bash, stated “You have a human being driving a 1-ton car to bring you a hamburger and some fries,” ... “As you can imagine, that’s pretty expensive.” El Pollo Loco said it believed drones would reduce the cost of delivery by as much as 30%.

Flytrex started delivering chicken wings from It's Just Wings in Holly Springs, if you live near give it a try.

Brinker CEO Wyman Roberts, stated, "You go online, you order your wings and it shows up what, 100 feet above your backyard?" … "This drone stuff is very interesting, and it's getting commercialized. And we're at the front end of it, and we'll see." Consumers are dynamic not static.  Your customers are moving forward, are you?

Drone delivery is still highly regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Flytrex has been collaborating with the agency to help ease some of those limits. Our delivery options are expanding. 

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