Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Domino’s Delivery Where You Want It and When You Want It


Back in the day Domino’s was known for delivery first and fast then for tis pizza.  After the most aggressive brand flavor profile update of and national restaurant brand Domino’s become known for pizza than delivery.  Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® wants to congratulate Domino’s for integrating good customizable food with customizable delivery.

Domino’s recently announced Pinpoint Delivery for hyper-specific pizza delivery locations without an address like parks and beaches.  OK, how cool is that?

Now, Domino’s is adding yet another innovation to its suite of delivery features: pizza delivery virtually anywhere. The Pinpoint Delivery feature allows customers to order a pizza to places without a traditional address like a park, beach, or sports field, just by adding a pin to a map and meeting a Domino’s delivery person nearby.  

Christopher Thomas-Moore, Domino’s senior vice president and chief digital officer, stated, “Domino’s is proud to be the first quick-service restaurant brand in the U.S. to deliver food to customers with the drop of a pin,”. “We’re always striving to make customers’ experiences even better and more convenient, and Domino’s Pinpoint Delivery does exactly that.”

Yes, we have talked about this on this blog before. SoiIf this sounds familiar, it’s because Domino’s has tried this type of technology once before. In 2017, Domino’s Anywhere launched through the Domino’s master franchisee in Australia, offering customers the similar ability to order a pizza to a pin-dropped location on a map. This new Pinpoint Delivery feature would be the first time the type of technology is available to U.S. markets.

Now when customers use the new feature, all they have to do is drop their location on a map, and then they can track their driver’s location via GPS as he or she approaches the meetup point, and receive text alerts about their delivery. Domino’s will alert customers when their driver arrives to the designated drop-off spot, and customers can then choose to turn on a visual signal on their phone to alert the delivery driver to their exact location.

Thomas-Moore continued, “Delivery innovation is at the core of who we are, so we’re thrilled to give customers a new delivery option by allowing them to receive their order nearly anywhere, with the drop of a pin,” … “With Domino’s Pinpoint Delivery, customers can get their favorite menu items just about wherever their adventure takes them – whether they’re soaking up the sun at a beach or having a picnic with friends in the park.”

Over the past couple of years, Domino’s has been increasing its technology investment to stand out from the competition, including testing and rolling out electric and robotic delivery vehicles, and perfecting car-ordering capabilities, including the rollout of Apple CarPlay in-vehicle ordering in April.

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