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Creating a Great Meal from Kiosks at Parades, Firework Shows, or Ballparks: A Fun-Filled Culinary Adventure


The team at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® and the Grocerant Guru® believe that, summer is the season of outdoor festivities—parades, firework shows, and ballparks are alive with excitement. But beyond the spectacles and entertainment, there's another adventure waiting to be discovered: the culinary delights from kiosks scattered throughout these events. Crafting a great meal by sampling food from these kiosks isn't just about filling up; it's about savoring the diverse flavors, textures, and aromas that make these experiences memorable. Here’s how to create a great meal from these kiosks with a fun twist.

1. Plan Your Culinary Route

Before diving into the fun, take a stroll around the venue to scout out the kiosks. Parades, firework shows, and ballparks often feature a mix of traditional favorites and unique local specialties. Look for a variety of offerings:

·         Appetizers and Small Bites: Soft pretzels, mini corndogs, nachos, and sliders.

·         Main Courses: BBQ ribs, gourmet burgers, ethnic dishes (tacos, gyros), and seafood options.

·         Desserts: Funnel cakes, ice cream, churros, and cotton candy.

·         Beverages: Freshly squeezed lemonade, craft sodas, and local brews.

2. Mix and Match for a Full Course Experience

Treat your culinary journey like a progressive dinner, sampling small portions from different kiosks to create a multi-course meal. Here’s a suggested lineup:

·         Appetizer: Start with something light to whet your appetite. A soft pretzel with cheese dip or a small order of nachos can be a great choice.

·         Salad or Light Fare: Look for kiosks offering fresh fruit cups or veggie sticks. They provide a refreshing break from the heavier items.

·         Main Course: Choose a hearty option like a pulled pork sandwich, a loaded hot dog, or a classic cheeseburger. Ethnic options like a gyro or a taco can add an exciting twist.

·         Side Dish: Complement your main course with a side of sweet potato fries, a cup of chili, or grilled corn on the cob.

·         Dessert: End your meal on a sweet note with a funnel cake, a scoop of gelato, or a chocolate-dipped ice cream cone.

3. Incorporate Local Flavors

Part of the fun of these events is experiencing the local culinary culture. Seek out kiosks that offer regional specialties. For instance, if you’re at a ballpark in New England, try a lobster roll. At a Midwest fair, indulge in a hearty bratwurst. Incorporating local flavors not only enhances your meal but also deepens your connection to the event’s locale.

4. Share and Sample

Bring friends or family along for your culinary adventure. Sharing dishes allows everyone to taste a wider variety of foods without getting too full. It also makes the experience more social and enjoyable. Create a game out of rating each dish, or challenge each other to try something new and unexpected.

5. Stay Hydrated

With all the excitement and tasty treats, it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially if you’re indulging in salty snacks or alcoholic beverages.

6. A Fun Twist: Culinary Bingo

Add an extra layer of fun by creating a culinary bingo game. Before the event, make bingo cards with different food items commonly found at kiosks. As you sample each item, mark it off on your card. The first person to get bingo gets a prize, like choosing the next dish to try or getting an extra dessert.

Final Thoughts

Creating a great meal from kiosks at parades, firework shows, or ballparks is about more than just eating—it’s about the adventure. By planning your route, mixing and matching dishes, incorporating local flavors, sharing with friends, staying hydrated, and adding a fun twist with culinary bingo, you can turn an ordinary day out into an extraordinary culinary experience. So next time you’re at an outdoor event, embrace the opportunity to explore, taste, and enjoy all the delicious offerings these venues have to offer. Happy eating!

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