Thursday, February 25, 2010

I phone for food, you can too!

The restaurant sector is not unlike the rest of the retail foodservice! Retail food companies with a focus on entrée or snacks that are hand held food for immediate consumption or fresh prepared meals that can be made portable are leading the way! Food that is prepared fresh with the option of portability ala the grocerant niche, is and will continue to propel both frequency and loyalty in all retail food sectors.

Technomic reports that “The proportion of consumers who order takeout 'on the go' from their car or elsewhere on their cell phone is growing rapidly. Nearly three out of 10 consumers (29 percent) who ordered takeout did so from their cell phone, almost twice the rate of on-the-go ordering just two years ago (16 percent).”

The reason that Technomic report is so important is: it shows just how integrated food portability is in the consumers daily life. Foodservice and technology go hand in hand. Food that is portable can go where ever your customers go!

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