Monday, February 1, 2010

Top 5 compelling reasons consumers buy ready-to-eat or ready-to-heat prepared food!

Consumers make choices each and every day on what they will eat. When they eat and how they eat. When given the choice, the vast majority do not want to cook. However preparing a family meal consisting of fresh prepared foods components can simplify the process, allowing for greater diversity of flavor profiles and portions size.

Consumer exposure to multi ethnic and multi cultural foods has not only created an ongoing search for the next new flavor or “hot” food entrĂ©e. It has left a void in the cooking skill set. Many consumers simply don’t have the skills or spices on the shelf to prepared there favorite meal. When consumer is shopping for ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat prepared food, here are five top reasons to pick your products.

1. Visceral presentation based on how it looks and is presented.

2. Bundling, the ability to build your meal with components you want.

3. Individualized portions, power to select quality and quantity of items viewed.

4. Convenience, unit /store location on the drive home from work, it’s fast & easy.

5. Price, ability to evaluate price vs. cost at restaurant with tip, and vs. time to cook from scratch.

Who has advantages in selling prepared food convenience stores, grocery stores, supermarkets or restaurants? Why post your comment below.

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  1. The drinks and tip for our family of five can approach half the ticket in some restaurants we frequent, just discussing this weekend this very issue.
    Convenience stores with their much smaller footprint and four times the outlets of the other retail channels offers 'on the way' and just in time stops for dinner.
    I see Grocery with distribution advantage and volumes to produce significant savings for consumers in prepared foods and a different paradigm on pricing than restaurants that lend them an advantage over restaurants.
    Restaurants generally provide great tasting food at the right time of day thus avoiding the mac and cheese problem scenario you mentioned earlier. They get it right at the right time.
    My guess is grocery and convenience will continue to look for signs of success from foodservice and implement.
    Long-term, I see tremendous opportunity within the grocery and c-store segment supplying consumers with 'meals.'

  2. Your right the ability to leverage points of distribution and buying power will create new oppertunity.