Monday, March 21, 2011

Menu mix drives top line sale and bottom line profits.

Channel blurring is simple hogwash. Industry insiders and Wall Street analyst enjoy categorizing concepts by speed of service, market share and check average. CEO’s, CFO’s and CMO’s buy into channel blurring concept to reap praise from Wall Street. The American consumers think that life is a food buffet and they want to eat there way thin.

Consumer enjoy QSR’s, Quick Casual, Fast Casual, Fine Dinning Convenience Store food, Grocery store deli’s and Drug store chain fresh and prepared food. They chose preference first by time allocation, second by meal period, third by occasion including family breakfast at home, family breakfast on the road, lunch with friends, family dinner at home etc.

Today, how the consumer eats is more important that any channel they may choose to eat in. The evolution of how consumers eat has been greater over the past 20 years than the development of anyone particular channel. Retail foodservice success comes from understanding the consumer not the industry defined channel.

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