Monday, April 11, 2011

Consumers drive foodservice sales while changing value metrics.

Legacy food retailers driven by outdated metric’s just may be unwitting market share capitulators. The consumer is redefining value at home, in restaurants including where they buy food. One needs only to look that the prepared fresh food area expanding in grocery stores and convenience stores.

Once called the deli now called the grocerant section, meal solutions, quick fix’s or ready-2-eat sections. Company after company is expanding, enlarging and repositioning this booming niche to accommodate the demand for increased options for the consumer.

Super Max is one food retailer that has done and outstanding job with both the breakfast daypart and lunch daypart. Safeway’s lifestyle stores are building on the lunch daypart and doing great things in the PM or dinner daypart. What are some of the new values driving consumers in the grocerant niche:

1. Ready-to-eat

2. Fresh, local better for you

3. Portion size options, single serve

4. Multiple choice of sides and entree per day

5. Portability

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