Friday, April 15, 2011

Lawson’s Convenience store Mobile success.

Lawson’s brings brand value to those whose lives have been disrupted by natural disasters. However positive brand response could very will lead to a trend in mobile convenience stores.

This could work in other parts of the world as well, particularly with new fresh prepared food and other grocerant niche items. Others describe it this way. “Packed tightly into van proportions the mobile store contains the staples of the everyday convenience store. A nice innovation from Lawson’s, it is equipped with refrigerated units, cooking facilities for the ubiquitous convenience store fried food and even newspaper stands. The mobile store would certainly help to bring a little of normal everyday life to the area. We could actually see this kind of van being popular in the future at festivals and events also, or even in more rural areas where the aging population aren’t as mobile as they used to be.”

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