Thursday, April 14, 2011

Innovation driving retail foodservice trends in 2011.

Grounded with familiarly yet embedded with technology retail foodservice is evolving with clarity and a keen eye on the consumer. We are now seeing the introduction of Specialty Toast from coast to coast. There is toast with expanded flavor profiles for different day parts and those with a better for you ingredient components. In addition we are seeing the same with Hot Dogs. Yes, new flavors and many with a better for ingredients. Both toast and hot dogs are now found with a “sustainable or humane” component as well.

Operators are also utilizing the new technology to open more and more vent less kitchens, reducing build out cost and space requirements. Chain operators are installing LED florescent flash board menus. These save electricity while providing a platform for great visceral product presentation. Leveraging technology for improved consumer experience is the proper leverage for operational efficiencies.

Concept authenticity can be enhanced with the proper mix of consumer relevant new products and contemporize visceral brand presentation.

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