Monday, January 19, 2015

Casey’s General Stores Now Famous for Pizza

Success does leave clues. As regular readers of this blog know Casey’s General Stores growth in top line sales and bottom line profits for the past 5 years have been exceptionally strong.  What is even more significant that after five years they continue to outperform their sector, the industry over all, including the pizza sector.   Let’s take a look at the last eight months:

2015                             Prepared Food

May                              Up        11.4%
June                             Up          9.6%
July                              Up        12.1%
August                          Up        10.0%
September                    Up        12.3%
October                         Up        11.1%
November                     Up          9.7%
December                     Up        16.2%

While Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru™ continually elevates the discussion and benefits of having ‘Outside Eyes”.   It becomes clear after five years of outstanding growth that Casey’s General Stores with over 1850+ units is doing lots of fresh prepared food right.

Same Store Sales tell the most compelling story and when you have a chain with 1850+ units the story is even more significant it becomes a real reflection on the quality job that the operators and corporate staff are doing.  Many would argue that there is nothing new about pizza Casey’s would argue they do pizza right!  Today, Casey’s fresh food is Famous Food.

Casey’s is a great example how a retailer that did not offer fresh food can enter a sector with “Outside Eyes” and capture customers hearts, minds, and market share.
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