Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kroger Expanding Ready-2-Eat Fresh Prepared Grocerant niche Offerings.

In store fresh prepared food offerings at the ‘deli’ have long been staples at Kroger’s QFC and Fresh Meyer brands driving customer traffic and frequency. In fact Kroger has offered items like rotisserie chicken, fried chicken, sandwiches made-2-order, and salads are finding success garnering customers away from restaurants.

Kroger is keenly aware that consumers looking to ‘Dine-Out by Dinning-In’ as Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru™ describes it.  Today, companies the ilk of Duane Reade, Wawa, HEB, and Central Market have found great success providing  additional fresh food options for consumers to consider aside from traditional restaurants; the grocery store deli and the mini-mart fare.

Kroger following the lead of Whole Foods is experimenting by adding grilling stations between its meat and seafood areas. Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru™ is confident that this experiment will be expanded to additional Kroger brands and markets. 

Facts drive experimenting by legacy retailers and “sales of dinner are declining at fast-food and casual-dining restaurants, eating dinner at grocery stores has risen seven percent over the past five years to 1.8 billion visits annually”, according to the market-research firm NPD Group Inc.

Kroger understands the added complexity is adjusting it labor matrix, edifying customer service, all the while driving top line sales and bottom line profits evolving with consumers.  Momentum within the Grocerant niche continues to build as more and more legacy retailers expand offerings. 

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