Friday, January 16, 2015

McDonald’s Quality Food Plus Drives Sales

Customer relevance for McDonald’s is built into its DNA and has been evolving from day one.  At the core however it understands that is it a Quick Service Restaurant.  However being a QSR has never defined McDonalds.  What has defined them is the pillar of continued success that they believe that cleanliness and consistency equals quality.  Consumers agree according to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru™.

Last month when McDonald’s USA President Mike Andres introduced a pivotal multi-prong program on how they would garner top line growth and bottom line profits, I hope you took notice.  All food retailers can learn a thing or two from what they’re doing.   Particularly from the changes that go beyond the expected table stakes of rationalizing menu items and customizing products which they have been tweaking since inception.

Once again they are going back to basics. The new focus on how they make their food. The new mantra is “we must and will win with our food.” At the core of McDonald’s success is the price, service, value equilibrium all bundled into every entrée, meal deal, and drink sold.  It is all about the food.

Consumers define, respect, and react to food quality differently than industry professionals. Over the past 30 years McDonald’s has continued to lead the industry having the highest average unit volume within its sector.  Those sales can be traced back to cleanliness and consistency equals quality with respect to food. 
McDonald’s wants consumers to understand that they are  “culinary inspired” authentic and transparent. They will elevate messaging around three fact based pillars:

 Preservatives. Do they really need preservatives in their food? Probably not, they’ve concluded.

Ingredients. Can they improve their ingredient list and add more familiar items while decreasing the total number of items used..
Authenticity. They want to get the word out that they actually crack eggs in the store for breakfast  showing that they do would be even better.

Many restaurant chains, grocery deli’s, C-stores should take note that when  McDonald’s puts this kind of emphasis on improving food quality  communication they see a weakness / market opportunity I suggest that each of you reviews your operations for cleanliness and  consistency.  Do you need Outside Eyes? 

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