Friday, October 14, 2016

McDonald's Brand Expansion is Better than Brand Protectionism

Success does leave clues and McDonald’s tradition of extending its brand beyond the four walls has left clues; everything from posting delivery sales in excess of $1 Billion last year around the world to selling out of bottles of ‘Big Mac’ sauce within minutes when they were offered this year in Australia.
McDonald’s understands that to drive top line sales and bottom line profits around the world companies need to adapt, McDonald’s does it with a process Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru® calls build, measure, learn, and repeat.  They do that while continually expanding the brand with relevance for consumers. That means at abandoning brand protectionism.
The Chicago Tribune reported that McDonald's applied for “a trademark for "Mac Sauce" in the United States late last month, which could open the door for it to sell bottles of the spread that tops its Big Macs in grocery stores and other food retailers.”
In a statement to the Chicago Tribune, McDonald's said “it files trademark applications "as part of our regular course of business" and "can't share details at this time as to how this trademark may or may not be used."
This is not a first for McDonald's as they sell McCafe coffee in stores through a deal with Kraft. Kraft Heinz had no comment for the Tribune story. What we know here at Foodservice Solutions® is that McDonald’s is skilled at expanding the brand. The only way to grow today is to abandon brand protectionism and that is something that McDonald’s excels at by utilizing build, measure, learn, and repeat. McDonald’s had great success with the Big Mac sauce they will repeat.

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