Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Starbucks a Trending Company on Trend

So we all know that in America that consumers on a diet do not want to eat less they simply want to eat their way thin eating something else.  So how is that working for you?  The top three diets Pescetarianism, Low-carbohydrate diet, and Gluten-free diet are kinda like the ‘official Paleo’ diet.  In short eat more protein less everything else. 

Starbucks gets it and once again is spot on trend.  Starbucks has added more protein, fruits and vegetables to the company’s grab-and-go lunch menu. The top customer requests asked for protein-packed options, chicken and turkey raised without antibiotics, and more fruits and vegetables all fall under the umbrella of ‘better-for-you’.
Currently Starbucks offers six Protein Boxes for customers to choose. The new Starbucks Protein Boxes are an excellent source of protein with at least 20 grams of protein per box and feature chicken and turkey raised without antibiotics and include at least one cup of fruits and vegetables combined according to the company. Here are some of the boxes:
1. BBQ Chicken and Power Slaw Protein Box—Includes a flatbread sandwich made with chicken raised without antibiotics mixed with smoky BBQ sauce, topped with Pepper Jack cheese, chili-peach jam and a side of apples and carrots. (22 grams of protein)
2. Smoked Turkey and Swiss Protein Box—Includes a flatbread sandwich with turkey raised without antibiotics, pickled peppers, tangy cream cheese spread, lettuce and a side of apples and carrots. (24 grams of protein)
3. The Eggs and Cheese with Apples and Grapes Protein Box (formerly known as the Protein Bistro Box) now includes two cage-free eggs instead of one for the ultimate protein boost. (23 grams of protein)
4. The Chicken Wrap with Peanut-Coconut Sauce Protein Box (formally known as Thai-Style Peanut Chicken Wrap) has more chicken, now raised without antibiotics, and is offered as one wrap instead of three pinwheels. (20 grams of protein)
5. The PB&J with Fruits and Veggies Protein Box (formally known as PB&J on Wheat Bistro Box) has 50 percent more peanut butter and jam. (20 grams of protein)
Success does leave clues and selling consumers what they want when they want it is our clue for today.  More important that is what Starbucks is doing this summer selling protein boxes so we can all eat our way thin!

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