Friday, September 30, 2022

Have a Recipe, Jupiter Can Help you Monetize It


Chef’s, home cooks, restaurants, and bodegas can now all monetize their recipes easier than ever before according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®. There is a company called Jupiter.  Its Jupiter’s goal is to make it insanely easy for people to make recipes from the creators they love while helping creators increase their earnings and engagement.  

Yes, the next generation in food commerce is built for creators empowering them to monetize recipes, increase earnings from brand relationships, and have complete control over their community of home cooks, fans, and peers.

In case you have not heard, Jupiter, is the creator-first recipe and grocery shopping platform. That recently launched with over 60 individual creator storefronts, including Molly Baz. With Jupiter, creators seamlessly integrate creator’s social and web content into beautifully curated, branded, and shoppable recipe stores, where home cooks browse, shop individual recipes for ingredients, manage grocery lists, and get same-day grocery deliveries all from individual storefronts from each food creator. 

Now available nationwide, Jupiter opens up a world of opportunity, monetization, and brand control and ownership for food creators. Dubbed Jupiter “co-pilots”, creators can now:

·         Receive direct compensation from groceries shopped through their recipes

·         Build ongoing relationships with brands that were previously limited to one-off posts and sponsored content  

·         Launch recipe storefronts integrated with Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and other social media platforms, where followers shop recipes and brand products directly

·         Open up multiple revenue streams where every recipe is an opportunity to get paid without needing direct followers - a limitation of individual subscription models. 

Jupiter’s goal is to make it insanely easy for people to make recipes from the creators they love while helping creators increase their earnings and engagement.  

Chad Munroe, Co-founder & CEO of Jupiter, stated, “During the pandemic, two forces came to bear - the explosive growth of people cooking at home and the rise of viral food trends on TikTok and Instagram ”. “With Jupiter storefronts, creators can earn recurring revenue for their work, and engage their community of followers while home cooks can follow as many creators as they’d like, knowing that every recipe they’ve shopped for directly compensates the creators for the content they consume.” 

In the current model, food creators while creating content have to do sales on the side to get one-off brand sponsorship deals. Additionally, these sponsorships require them to create more content that doesn’t always feel authentic. Jupiter closes that gap, simply: every time someone shops a recipe, the creator earns income. Creators can now focus on what they do best: creating good food.

Alice Sun, Jupiter Co-Pilot and content creator, stated, “As a recipe and content creator, I want to spend my time doing things I enjoy - cooking, shooting, editing, and seeing people enjoy my creations. But for this to really work, I needed a revenue model that is simple, fast, and sustainable”... “When I was introduced to Jupiter, I was thrilled to find that anyone could connect with me over one recipe or multiple recipes. I am also able to add value and build a direct relationship with my community by helping them make meal planning easy. My home chef followers now have a one-stop shop to gather all the ingredients they need for my recipes.” 

Yes, home cooks, Jupiter is the easiest way to make the recipes from the creators you love and shop for weekly grocery items on a single platform. They can follow all their favorite recipe creators -- easily find new ones, and leverage Jupiter’s intelligent platform to populate their shopping cart. 

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