Thursday, April 18, 2024

Once Again Fresh Food Focus Pays Off as Busy Consumers Embrace C-Store Eats


Time-starved consumers are increasingly turning to convenience stores for their prepared food needs, according to new research I've been digging into. This is a major win for the c-store industry, which has invested heavily in recent years to develop high-quality, fresh food offerings.

The 2024 Convenience Store News Realities of the Aisle Study, surveying over 1,500 frequent c-store shoppers, paints a clear picture while edifying the findings of Steven Johnson our Grocerant Guru® and his time at Tacoma, WA base Foodservice Solutions®.  Let’s take a look:

1.        Prepared Food Takes a Leap: A whopping 69% of those surveyed reported buying prepared food at a convenience store in the past month, a significant jump of 14 percentage points from the previous year. This highlights a growing consumer preference for convenient, grab-and-go meal options.

2.        Pizza Takes the Crown: When it comes to specific cravings, pizza now reigns supreme as the most popular prepared food item at c-stores. Hot dogs, breakfast sandwiches (dethroned from last year's top spot), deli sandwiches, and hot snacks like French fries round out the top five. Interestingly, hot snacks saw a significant climb from number eight to number five in just a year.

3.        Combo Cravings: The study also revealed that 90% of prepared food buyers purchase additional items to complete their meal. Fountain drinks, bottled/canned sodas, bottled water, coffee/tea, and packaged salty snacks are the most popular pairings. Notably, Generation Z leans towards bottled water (51%) with their prepared food, while millennials favor salty snacks (33%).

These findings are a testament to the success of convenience stores in adapting to the evolving needs of today's busy consumers. By offering a wider variety of fresh, high-quality prepared foods alongside complementary beverages and snacks, c-stores are positioning themselves as a one-stop shop for quick and convenient meal solutions.

As the Grocerant Guru®, I delight when others edify our previous findings. I continue to be excited to see how this trend continues to develop and how c-stores further refine their prepared food offerings to cater to even more specific consumer preferences.  Stay tuned I will bring your more! 

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