Thursday, April 11, 2024

Bojangles New Spin On the Hot Dog with New ‘Bo’s Bird Dog’ Works


Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® stated, for consumers to adopt a new menu item with gusto, the menu items should not be completely new and different, it should be familiar but with a twist.  Bojangles ‘Bo's Bird Dog’, is just hat and will be a hit. 

Bojangles' new hand-held menu item, the Bo's Bird Dog, tries to attract customers by offering a twist on a familiar favorite.  There is little doubt in Johnson’s mind that this menu items will be a big hit:

1.        Chicken instead of Beef: This caters to people who prefer chicken or those who avoid beef for dietary reasons.

2.       Bojangles' Spin: It uses their signature Bojangles Chicken Supreme tender, which is likely a selling point for fans of their chicken.

3.       Familiar yet Unique: The format is similar to a hot dog, making it easy to understand and eat, but with the unique twist of chicken and Carolina Gold sauce.

4.       Portable and Convenient: This is highlighted by Bojangles themselves, appealing to busy consumers who want a quick and easy on-the-go meal.

Overall, the Bo's Bird Dog offers a new way to experience Bojangles' chicken in a familiar format. This can be appealing to both existing customers and those curious about trying something different. Yes, that means Gen Z and Millennials who are in search of food discovery every day according to Johnson.

Here are some things to consider for wider adoption:

5.       Price: If the price point is competitive with other Bojangles offerings and similar fast-food items, it'll be more attractive.

6.       Taste: Ultimately, the success will depend on how much customers enjoy the taste combination of the chicken tender, bun, pickles, and Carolina Gold sauce.

Only time will tell how widely adopted the Bo's Bird Dog will be, but it has elements that suggest it could be a successful menu addition.

Wait there is more, Bojangles is giving chicken lovers a tasty, on-the-go way to enjoy one of its most popular menu items with the all-new Bo’s Bird Dog. A spin on a classic hot dog, the Bo’s Bird Dog features a Bojangles Chicken Supreme tender nestled in a split-top bun, topped with thick-cut pickles and drizzled with Carolina Gold sauce – a sweet and tangy honey mustard-based BBQ sauce.

Chef Marshall Scarborough, Bojangles’ VP of menu and culinary innovation. “It combines Bojangles, stated, “Bo’s Bird Dogs offer a delicious and portable way to feed the whole crew – whether it’s in the car or for your kids’ sports team,” …signature flavors and ingredients into a convenient handheld package, perfect for a meal or snack on the go.”

Bo’s Bird Dogs can be enjoyed on their own, with a fixin’ and Legendary Iced Tea or ordered in bulk for any gathering, sporting event or family meal.

So, get this, to celebrate the limited time offering in appropriate fashion, Bojangles is visiting Little League and Miracle League games across its footprint with an eye-catching, custom-made hot dog stand, surprising families and players with free Bo’s Bird Dogs when they download the Bojangles app. Youth sports families and fans – including Bojangles employees – have long leaned on Bojangles to cater their pre-and-post-game meals, so Bo decided to bring convenience and flavor straight to parks across its footprint. The traveling tour will be announced soon – including markets and game dates.

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