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Portillo’s Building Restaurants and a Brand with Lifelong Customers


At the intersection of building new restaurants and expanding your brands reach there are few chain restaurants that are doing a better job than Portillo’s according to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.

Johnson says, “Building a restaurant brand that can last a lifetime, requires a building a brand message that can evolve with your customers lifetime. Simultaneously building new restaurants while expanding your brand message is an art crafted on proactive positive consistent messaging.” Here are some ideas how it can be done and a look at Portillo’s.

Create a Positive Memorable Experience:

1.        Themed Menu: Go beyond basic entrees. Craft a menu with a fun, prom-night theme. Name dishes after popular movies, classic dances (The "Electric Slide" Sliders, "The Waltz" White Chocolate Mousse), or even inside jokes amongst teenagers.

2.        Presentation is Key: Plate the food in an elegant yet playful way. Think miniature desserts, colorful garnishes, or creative plating designs.

3.        Photo Opportunity: Designate a photo-worthy corner or have props available for prom-goers to capture their special night at your restaurant. Offer a discount for tagging your restaurant on social media.

Build Relationships:

4.        Personalize the Experience: Train staff to greet couples by name and offer a celebratory toast.

5.        Prom Night Package: Offer a package deal that includes a pre-fixe menu, photo booth access, and a small gift (like a personalized candy box or discount voucher).

6.        Social Media Engagement: Run a contest where prom-goers who post pictures with your restaurant hashtag get entered to win a prize (free meal, gift certificate, etc.).

Long-Term Strategy:

7.        Collect Information: Offer a discount or enter them into a drawing for future dining experiences in exchange for their email addresses.

8.        Targeted Marketing: Use the collected email addresses to send personalized birthday or anniversary promotions, reminding them of their special Prom Night experience.

9.        Loyalty Program: Consider a loyalty program that rewards repeat customers, especially those who come back for other special occasions.

10.     Bonus Tip: Partner with local businesses like florists or limousine services to offer bundled prom night packages.

By creating a memorable prom night experience and building relationships with young adults, your restaurant can turn them into lifelong customers.

Building a Lifelong Customers

Requires Understanding your Customers 

And your Competitors 

Now let’s look at how Portillo’s, the fast-casual restaurant concept known for its menu of unrivaled Chicago-style-street food, wants to officially invite customers to prom. Fans of Italian Beef and dancefloor DJ sets can celebrate the end of the school year, prom and Portillo’s (or “Promtillo’s,” naturally) with a special pre-prom dinner deal for two, a promposal sweepstakes, and special catering options – including the opportunity to book the famed Beef Bus to serve up Chicago-style goodness at the final dance of the season.

Available for a limited time starting April 9, high schoolers nationwide can party with Portillo’s – Windy City-style – with the following Promtillo’s specials:

·         Pre-Prom Dinner at Portillo’s: Bring your date (or friend) to any Portillo’s location and order the “Promtillo’s Meal for Two,” which includes a choice of two Italian Beef sandwiches or two hot dogs, two large fries, one jumbo cheese sauce and a Cake Shake to share.

·         After-Party Catering: Make your after-party iconic with a spread that will keep the party going all night long. The “Promtillo’s Party Package” includes hot dogs, chicken tenders with your choice of sauces, fries, cheese sauce and whole chocolate cake. Prom-goers can also try Portillo’s newest sensation, the Cheese Sauce Fountain, and dip the night away on and off the dancefloor!

·         Roll into Prom with the Beef Bus: Spice up your prom night with a delicious twist – the ultimate party on wheels that brings the iconic flavors of Portillo’s right to your prom venue!

·         Portillo’s Promposal Sweepstakes: Portillo’s wants to see your promposal creativity and be a part of your special night! Upload your promposal photos for a chance to win a Portillo’s catered after party for your friends and Portillo’s merch for you and your date.

“For more than 60 years, our Chicago-style staples have filled the homes, hearts and stomachs of our fans celebrating a birthday, graduation, wedding and more,” says Nick Scarpino, Portillo’s CMO. “As we embark on another 60, we’re adding prom night to the list of iconic moments we get to help celebrate, and we can’t wait to help high schoolers have a night they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.”

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