Thursday, October 15, 2009

Food Operators, even the best fall down some times, a look at Boston Market, Wendy’s and 7 Eleven.

While everyone is looking at the new hot food pizza rollout in Dallas, TX by 7 Eleven I agree that it is a big step forward for 7 Eleven is a sleeping giant of the convenience sector. However they are planning much more! Lets try to peek at what 7-Eveven just might be next in fresh food here in the US.

By by roller grills here comes authentic food, foodies can now rejoice and the C-store sector will forever more be changed. CSNews reported in August 2009 that in Australia the new 7 Elevens “stores will offer a range of 45 new freshly prepared food items, developed with market trends in mind. The new offer includes a hot breakfast menu of bacon and egg muffins, ham and cheese croissants, and toasted sandwiches cooked to order, according to the report. Other foods include focaccia, pizza, soups and salads.” The Grocerant niche is filling fast with On-The-Go offerings which are getting better in quality and price.

The restaurant sector new food innovations has been in copy-cat mode for several years. That quagmire of reality is about to end. Wendy’s CMO talking with Brandweek said they too are focusing on “real” food and innovation and consumers could see dramatic pick up of new “real” and new products early next spring. Lane Cardwell the CEO of Sun Capital Partners, Boston Market, blogged this week that his company will start testing competitive consumer relevant products and processes soon then “then move quicker and quicker as we pick up momentum” innovation and new products lead to niche leadership.

It is obvious that fresh food and On-The-Go Grocerant offerings are top of mind in the industry. Innovation and sales momentum will drive consumer into stores for additional trial of product and re-trial for brands. The landscape is now more competitive than ever before. This is a win-win for the consumer.

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