Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pop-up restaurants can create quite buzz!

Are you planning to open a new restaurant soon? Have you considered testing out the location?

Chefs around the country are now trying out menu’s new product and locations utilizing Pop-up restaurants. Recently it has been suggested that before a national chain signs a lease that they should “sample” the space utilizing a Pop-up restaurant. I like the idea of extending the brand and building regional buzz with your brand or for a new product.

Many seem to be copping the play book of Ghetto Gourmet which started as an experiment by two brother and turn into a national underground movement. The “Two brothers, Joe the chef and Jeremy the poet, now organize regular get-togethers in a variety of surprise locations, from parking lots to art galleries and private homes. Ghetto Gourmet's customers sign up for email alerts of when and where the next dinner will be held.”

Regional chefs are garnering a following utilizing Email as well. Pop-up food trucks are growing in popularity as well but most have formalized location setting by day of week or time of the day. The consumers drive for authentic foods, interactive and participatory dinning play well into this new movement. Interested in creating a buzz around your brand? Has your company utilized a Pop-up store to introduce a new product? Leave a comment or send me an Email at: stevejohnson77@msn.com I would love to hear haw it worked for you.

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