Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Southwest is learning from the Northeast’s successful Convenience Stores.

QuikTrip announced that they are entering the grocerant niche with new expanded stores that will highlight fresh prepared improved food options. Mike Thornbrugh, chain spokesperson is quoted stating "It's no secret that we're changing stripes and moving into the fresh food business". Success leaves clues everyone in the industry has witnessed the success of the likes of Wawa, Sheetz and QuickChek and understands the opportunity at hand.

Uniquely situated in the Southwestern US where big trucks, big cars and big 4x4’s rule the road. QuikTrip is keenly aware that volatility in gas prices and or a dramatic switch to electric cars could derail its profitability. Increasing the focus food, such as sandwiches, taquitos, pastries is a proven path to continued same store growth. What is your company doing to maintain growth?

QuikTrip’s 500 stores nationwide are located primarily in Oklomaha and Texas but has unit in Georgia and Arizona as well. There is a shift in focus occurring in the Convenience store industry according to Jeff Lenard spokesperson for the National Association of Convenience Stores, Most operators now want to be seen in the future as “a restaurant that wants to sell gas, as opposed to a gas station that sells food". If the grocerant niche was not hot enough this sure kicks it up a notch! Contact me for more at: or leave a comment below. Foodservice Solutions is located in Tacoma, WA

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