Monday, March 20, 2017

McDonald’s leading through Learning & Technology

At its core McDonalds has been leading the retail foodservice industry by understanding technology and incorporating it in to its world class operating standards.  Back in the day (1961),   McDonald’s launched a training program, “later called Hamburger University, at a new restaurant in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. 

There, franchisees were trained on the proper methods for running a successful McDonald’s restaurant. Hamburger U utilized a research and development laboratory in nearby Addison, Illinois to develop new cooking, freezing, storing and serving methods” that become the foundation of its ongoing success. 

McDonald’s began tests last week for a new “order-and-pay-ahead system in preparation of a rollout by the end of year….The technology enables customers to enter an order and relay payment via a phone app.”

This new system detects when the patron arrives at a restaurant, confirms the order should be cooked starting at that moment, and then asks how the guest wants to collect the meal. The order can be provided at the counter, via the drive-thru or through curbside delivery.”

While this is the latest iteration of integrating technology many times as they integrate many never notice items the ilk of digital story menu boards to urban packaging for bicycles. One interesting thing to take note of with the app is that it will check customers in through geofencing technology once they get close to the restaurant. That technology also enables diners to go to any McDonald’s even one they don’t initially.  Success does leave clues and McDonald’s continues to evolve, expand, and excel thus they are our success clue of the week. 

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