Thursday, March 2, 2017

Lacking Boldness, Vision, & Relevance, McDonald’s Next Gen To-Go Model Reveled

Sometimes even marketing mavens make mistakes.  When an iconic brand the ilk of McDonald’s reveled its ‘next generation To-Go Model’ that model looked more like something that it could have rolled out in the mid-1990’s. We had to ask just what are they doing? Why because this ‘Next Gen” program was packed with industry and customer relevance back in 1999.  However today it is not according to the team at Tacoma, WA based
According to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Foodservice Solutions® the “Next Generation To-Go Model” looked much, much more like yesterday’s retail foodservice model than today’s and a far cry from tomorrow’s restaurant business model.”  Just ask Ruby Tuesday how well curbside pick-up works? Did not drive incremental sales after 8 years for them did it? How about at Applebee’s?  Has anyone at McDonald’s ever hear of Mobile Augmented-Reality or Integrated Virtual Reality?
Walmart is testing curbside delivery and last year they spent more money on technology development than they received in sales from click & collect.  So, when McDonald’s  states that it is adding curbside delivery and altering how customers place drive-thru orders as part of a revised long-term strategy revealed it looks more like a strategy developed in cooperation with either an out-of-date industry consultant or a company selling off the shelf software or both to the team at Foodservice Solutions®. 
No one reading this industry blog for one minute believes that when McDonald’s pledged to become “the global leader” in delivery through arrangements with third-party services has any relevance to anyone other than third-party delivery companies around the globe.  

Members of the team at  sold the first 7 national restaurant chains third-party delivery services in 1999 for a company called CyberSlice that they helped evolve into CyberMeals, then  Regular readers of this blog know this is not 1999; it is 2017 wake-up retailers

The simple fact is McDonald’s only relevance from the “Next Generation To-Go Model’ was to blow a little smoke at financial analyst so they could tell you why to buy the stock.  Customer relevance was completely missing.  The three relevant pillars were blow smoke at analyst, hide in the smoke, and buy time with franchises.  

CEO Steve Easterbrook was correct is saying “technology” will be key moving forward.  What was missing from his statement was customer relevant technology not 1999’s technology.  Even an iconic regional fast food retailer Dick’s Drive-In understands 2017 foodservice marketing technology both Inside-Out and Outside-In

The labor saving kiosks first rolled out by McDonald’s in 2011 are an underpinning of what McDonald’s is calling the Experience of the Future are way overdue. Success does leave clues and six years to test a technology?  This is 2017.  (2011) yesterday’s tactics are not as customer relevant as they once could have been for McDonald’s. Simply put yesterday’s tactics are not tomorrows strategy.
Food branding, Food marketing, Food positioning, Food pricing, and Food portability have somehow gotten lost in a sea of big data clearing looking at yesterday’s data points.  Food first, technology second according to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru® who’s team  by the way sold those first seven national accounts for online ordering for CyberSlice, CyberMeals, and and has kept his hand in the game ever since. 
We ask are chain restaurants still relevant? Are your customer counts sliding? Do you understand today’s foodservice customer migration?  Foodservice Solutions® team does.  Where, How, and When do customers want to obtain fresh prepared food?   Looking for clues? Try Outside- Eye’s for inside results  253-759-7869.

Below 2010 Drive-Thru C-store eerily similar don’t you think? #NothingNew

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