Friday, January 3, 2020

Virtual Restaurants / Ghost Kitchens Food Marketers Dream Job

New Year’s resolutions include looking for a new job for many foodservice professionals according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.  2020 brings with it new employment opportunities for food marketers looking to make a change.  Unburdened with legacy brand ‘luggage’ from yesterday, Ghost Kitchens / Virtual Restaurants are a platform driving relevant brand adoption and looking for good brand marketers.
Consider the opportunity to work in a cross-functional setting leveraging your food knowledge while edifying that with consumer facing technology and the results you could get credit for driving. Here is an example: Soupboi is the first virtual restaurant, delivery-only concept in St. Louis, MO with On-Point Hospitality in partnership with DoorDash.
On Point Hospitality’s Soupboi is available for delivery-only via DoorDash, Soupboi will be available for lunch throughout the winter, featuring a menu of chef-prepared vegan soups. The cost to operate a lunch only concept, with delivery in a catering setting can’t be matched by most legacy food outlets.
The fact is virtual restaurants, are a popular trend in larger markets the ilk of Chicago, New York and San Francisco. Virtual restaurants that allow restaurant operators to use existing restaurant facilities or commissary kitchens to offer unique concepts via delivery only. For Soupboi, the On Point Hospitality team will be utilizing the Yellowbelly kitchen for cooking the soup. How is your brand expanding? Can you control quality while driving incremental sales?
Tim Wiggins, co-owner of On Point Hospitality and brainchild of Soupboi stated “It’s the time of year that I crave a comforting bowl of soup, but we know that people don’t want to leave their office or house for lunch. With Soupboi, they don’t have to. The soup-focused menu didn’t really make sense for our existing concepts, but we utilized the idea and created its own Soupboi brand, menu and experience. There is no storefront or dining area so guests simply order online or via the app on their phone, and your DoorDash delivery driver brings your soup right to your door.”
So, the Soupboi menu of soups with seasonal ingredients and craveable, healthy options. Soups available include: Cauliflower Red Curry Soup with white rice and crispy chickpeas; Tortilla Soup with cashew crema with crispy tortillas and cilantro; Coconut & Ginger Soup with crispy garlic, turmeric and barley; and Miso Mushroom Soup with grilled bread. “Rice Crizpy Treats with Fruit Specks” will also be available for purchase.  Are you looking for a new Job? Do you want to drive top line sales and bottom line profits?
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