Saturday, June 20, 2009

Branding food and selling food in any outlet particularly Restaurants, Grocery stores, Convenience stores or Supermarkets is a big task. Positioning a product within a particular niche is even a more delicate dance. When it is done correctly the results are monumental and rewarding. Timing of course is important; recently the Grocerant industry has been witness to one of the largest shifts in consumer buying patterns in one particular product. Apples, both McDonalds and Burger King introduced a package apple product for children. Within two years of introduction Restaurants in the US accounted for more consumption/sales of Apples that did Grocery stores or Supermarkets. That was / is a historic shift in purchasing pattern. Recently Bill Cross announced that his company will introduce Burger King branded Apple fry’s in 10,000 grocery stores and supermarkets this fall. Selling packaging and branding food products is an art. Success does leave clues: Differentiation does not mean different it means familiar. The Grocerant sector filled with ready to eat and ready to heat foods is on fire and consumers are filling their shopping bags with them. Are your products positioned to win in the Grocerant niche!

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