Monday, June 15, 2009

Grocerants the next big wave! Just what is next for the Grocerant sector? Currently we see continued rollout of “deli” fresh authentic sandwiches at most supermarkets, grocery stores and C-stores. This is phase two. Where phase one was fried food of all types or roller grill food. The sandwiches are priced to compete with the QSR sector in fact many grocery stores here on the west coast have installed soda-pop dispenser machines just like the fast food companies have. They are trying to increase frequency and check average at the deli. It looks as if it might be working from conversation and what I am witnessing on trips to the store. The halo that resonates from the fresh authentic made to order sandwiches will shine on the next phase. I believe that phase three will arrive mid-2010 and will include both Italian and Mexican hot entrees at in addition to the Chinese being rolled out regionally. I am now in print so come back and see if I am correct!

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  1. I happen to agree the next big segment bounce will be in entrees. I am gearing up.