Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just say Bologna! A&P’s bologna meter tells us what restaurant operators already knew bologna sales continue to rise as the economy continues to decline. Customers are cutting back and this will continue as long as gas prices continue to rise and the unemployment rate remains high. Jamba Juice rolled out their new line of food and beverages on Monday in an attempt to boost sales. The new food items including sandwiches, salads and flatbreads, including a cold tea infusion may not be enough to save the day. All the items with catchy names and linked to a social networking website that either was not working. It may have been overloaded in either case the site was not working the three times I attempted to use it. It’s no wonder Jamba Juice is having difficulty. The convenience store chain Yellow Fun to Go Line (http://yellow.co.il) incorporates a vertically integrated marketing program that provides a platform for new products, better for you products and bundled product offerings. This contemporize grocerant style operation focused on hand held foods for immediate consumption in viscerally attractive packaging brand integrated and size appropriate portioning. Catchy name are cute but have not worked to date for Jamba Juice it might be time for them create a new food entity with consumer focused identity and brand integration. We must all remember that there is always BOLONGNA!

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