Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Top of the day to you!
The confluence of events in the food marketplace are changing so fast at times I wonder if even the consumers can keep up! Today we are going to look at Dollar Stores now selling food. With compelling price points the five top dollar store chains have all begun selling food products many have retrofitted stores with refrigerated coolers for ready to eat and ready to heat food. This trend began four years ago by cherry picking products and competing with very few SKU’s. Now with the growing number of refrigerated units installed it's about market share. Recently the Nielsen Company stated, “The average household made 13 trips to a dollar store in 2008, up from an average of 11 in 2001…. But the average household made 59 trips to supermarkets in 2008 — 13 fewer visits than in 2001. Now we are seeing that Family Dollar added 200 more food products — including a bigger selection of pasta and Kraft salad dressings — to its shelves. Ready to eat ready to heat Grocerant food is growing as well. The consumer is empowered with choice, price and service.

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