Monday, June 29, 2009

Good companies do good things over and over again. Recently Wawa CEO Howard Stoeckel detailed several efforts the convenience store chain is undertaking in during the economic slump the US is in, He stated "We're not up to historic averages, but we're performing better than the vast majority of retailers," He described a focus on value and efforts to make the store experience a departure from consumers' economic trouble. "People want to feel good," he told the Philadelphia Inquiere "Even if it's for four or five minutes a day when they're on their way to work." Wawa is there and can provide that service via their employee interactions. That my friends is a true focus on the consumer and that strategy never gets old.
Additionally Stoeckel discussed was Wawa is focusing on the basics: "If there's anything we're doing through these challenging times, it's digging deeper into the soul of the brand." He added: "We've got to do what we're known for that much better." Building a better understanding of the bands relationship with the consumer and adjusting the brand values to the dynamic consumer is also a win win. Consumer are not static, brands must move with them or risk looking customers.Wawa understands that differentiation does not mean different, in Wawa’s case it means doing it better for the consumer than anyone else. Wawa’s consumer loyalty always ranks near the top in surveys. I can understand why.

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