Saturday, June 13, 2009

Grocerants the big Tent: Recently we have been discussing the visceral attractiveness of the ready to eat and ready to heat food from Grocery stores. Supermarkets, Dollar Stores and Restaurant To-go and Take-Away food. That is not all that fits under the umbrella of Grocerants. My friend Harry Roberts believes and I 100% agree that in grocery store or supermarket sit down dinning options “restaurants” inside a grocer i.e. Whole Foods Tribeca which we discussed here after my last visit or Wegmans where I regularly met friends for lunch and occasionally for dinner while attending school in Philadelphia. My local Safeway Lifestyle store has a soda fountain and tables out side ala a sidewalk cafĂ©. Yes they should all be included they are now becoming destination dinning and they fit the bill READY TO EAT. Companies like Fresh & Fit in Atlanta should also be included their service of ready to eat, portioned and delivered it a perfect company to include in today’s growing grocerant niche.

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